Friday, January 12, 2018

first class complete!

you guys!  i actually completed a class*!  in a timely manner, even!

*and by 'complete' i mean i could fiddle some more, and i could decide to do a more polished background, but the technical work has been finished!  

this was the first weeks class in let's face it, taught by kara bullock herself, and it was dedicated to the master artist piero della francesca.  kara did a painting by piero in her own style, and i took another painting from him and tried to do it more my style with his style and kara's style together.  my style wasn't as prominent, because i'm trying to learn from others, but i certainly let my muse speak.  like, when it came across that i was doing a chinese madonna, instead of more piero's style, i let her come.  i didn't want to change her, because, honestly, i loved where she was going and wanted more of it!  i try to listen to my muse.

this was the painting i was referencing;

this was my underpainting on top of the sketch.  getting placement of shadows where they needed to be.  looked ok here.  kind of close to what i saw.

and then i started mixing paint.  guys, paint mixing is HARD!

between the paint color and how her face morphed, i just couldn't fight the muse.  i went with it.

and, i'm loving her.  

my goals for this piece were;

to get the pose close to what he painted.  (check)
to include hands.  (check)
to finish it.  (pretty close to 'finished' for me, as i like a rough background anyways.  it tells a story)
to get piero's bright blues and reds that he uses.  (check)
to incorporate some gold paint.  (shiny=check)
to be able to make the fabric look like it's fabric.  (i think i did ok)

so, week 1 is done!  

until later,

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