Monday, April 10, 2017


i've been doing some sketching for ideas lately.  some tries at frida kahlo for "freeing your inner frida", a class taught by jenn bonneteau, and brought to you by kara bullock.  frida is an inspiration to me, as i'm sure she is to many artists, with and without chronic pain issues (read her bio here).  as soon as i heard about this class, taught by an incredible artist who's style i adore, i knew i wanted in!

a raccoon and a donkey
 i enjoy the scribble quality to this little guy.  

this dude needs more work

both animals were from royalty free reference photos, located on pixabay, i believe.  i've been using the royalty free sites or my own photos as much as i can, as i never know when the urge to paint something will hit, and i don't want to step on other artists toes.  not gonna be a naughty artist, if i can help it!  

there are other royalty free sites. is very good one i use a lot.  you can just look up "free royalty free images" or "free stock images".  i also use croquis cafe for live model sketching.  it's been a huge help to me, and i need to step up my practice with them.  they host real-time, live models, nude and clothed, who change positions during the time period given.  it's very helpful for quick sketches, and then they have a longer 5 minute pose at the end, which helps get details in.

i will be posting about my completed barn painting in a couple of weeks.  i'm finished with the painting, and waiting for a mail delivery so i can varnish it.  my brother gets first peek, but when he has it in hand, rest assured i will be showing it off!

until later,

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