Monday, April 24, 2017

rebounding from a mistake

today i thought i had ruined my frida painting (read her bio here).  it was a scary few moments.

i should have left the studio well before i made the mistake, as i was making mistakes left and right it seems, including spilling almost a half bottle of high flow acrylics.  it was one of golden brands small bottles, but that stuff is worth it's weight in gold, so i used a brush and mopped it up and got most of it back into the bottle.  not wasting that stuff, no way, no how!

but, what i want to show is the before the mistake photo and the after the mistake photo.

first, i have to tell you that i thought it was a goner, thats how much a difference my oops made!  i was trying to darken some areas of her face, and just made a yellow mess of it all.  thats when the bottle tipped over and i had to clean that up, and it had dried too much on her face by the time i was done.  instead of freaking out too much, though i was freaking, i decided to mix up some more color and have another go at the skin, putting on another layer of color to rectify the yellow.

heres the progress i had made before frida went to hell;

moved a cloud, played in her eyes and lips, 
and added gold to her collar

and this is after doing my best to rectify the disaster;

pretty similar, eh???

i need to fix her right cheek facing us, as it's a little too dark, but by the time i got this far fixed, i was pretty much done with the day.  i wanted out of the studio before anything else happened!

sweet hubby bought an acrylic artist magazine at the flea market on sunday and i was able to get some ideas about fixing the shading in her eyes.  i'm thrilled with how they have come out so far!

just a few little fixes now, and she will be complete.

until later,

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