Thursday, April 20, 2017

progression with frida

i've been enjoying my time with this canvas.  frida (read her bio here) has a definite voice in it.  she has told me the title, and refused elements that would detract from the main focus, even though i really wanted to include them.  that was frustrating, but i'm dealing with it.

this is where i left you last time;

i've been touching up her skin here and there, darkening her ears and her hair.  i wanted her to have earrings, as she is known for her jewelry, but she wanted the focus to be on her soft little smile.  i tried three times to give her some bling!

the title for this canvas is "still, she smiled".   thru all the hardships she encountered in her life she still found it in her to create.  to find her passions and create her life, not be passive in it.

i had a vision for this painting right from the background.  the red drips symbolizing her struggles; the tears i know she cried, the blood i know she shed.

i've been changing her blouse as well.  it's gone thru two color changes since the above photo, and lots of fiddling with the shade and tone after deciding on a red color.

trying out a simple gold neckline

getting there!

i added three clouds to the background, and i really like how they add to the story.  i darkened the blouse and added seams.  she still needs work here and there, but i'm close to calling her done!  she should be up in the shop by early next week.

until later,


  1. jenny! how totally cool you're just listening. i love this!

    1. thank you so much, terri! your words mean a lot to em.