Sunday, March 26, 2017

spirit horse in shop!

hi all.  it's been a while since i've put anything up in the store.  i'd been wanting to get my spirit horse in since finishing her, so today was the day.

getting the colors correct was a struggle.  i wanted her sweet pink highlights on the bridge of her nose to come thru, but our scanner must have balked at the amount of red that was used and would not show the pink.

heres what we were working with;

mark struggled with finding the solution while i did some animal chores upstairs, and i heard "well, THAT'S not right".  i giggled as i walked back down to see what had befallen my spirit horse.  and...  it wasn't bad.

certainly different than what i had painted, but she was fierce and she spoke to me in her new warrior paint.

so, i decided to go against my own beliefs that i should only put non-retouched paintings in the shop. this is the first, and may be the last time i add something that isn't totally 'pure'.

so, here she is, spirit horse...

and she'd look beautiful on your wall as a tapestry!

as usual, there are more options to have spirit horse in your life.  check out the shop and see what calls to you! 

until later,

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