Tuesday, March 14, 2017

this and that

still working on my 21emBODY challenge where we celebrate our body with a painting for 21 days.

i left you with the unfinished back from march 8th;

i've since called it done;

march 9th was bones;

this one fought me till i called quits

march 10th was hands;

march 11th was feet.  i was gone most of the day, so did a quick sketch the night before thinking i'd paint the next day.  turns out the next day was just as full, so i let myself off the hook as far as painting.

march 12th was arms;

and yesterday was eyes.  i did it today.  i don't know what i was doing, i just went with it.  turned out kind of creepy, but thats ok.  i'm thinking dots are in order.

over the weekend my brother came to me with a commission on his mind!  he wants me to paint our childhood barn for his house, and i'm happy to oblige, as it's one of my favorite subjects.  i think i will be painting versions of our barn for years to come!  some of you might remember the mini i put onto my shop a bit ago. 

that was my first go at the barn on canvas, and it was credit card sized.  this one is going to be H.U.G.E and i can't wait to get my hands painty with it!  i'm waiting for the delivery of the canvas, but in the meantime i will hunt for more photos of the barn.  it had pine trees in front, in different states of maturity thru the years.  i also want the background in this painting to be more like our little valley, and might have to paint some of our beloved critters frolicking in the pasture.

i'm also getting more involved in sketching the face in preparation for doing more portraits.  the many classes i'm taking this year are so inspiring and i'm learning so much.  i've got a way to go, but i've come so far in the 2 years that i've been seriously painting.

here is the sketch i did yesterday of my granddaughter, serenity;

and with the photo reference;

it's off, but i can live with it for a first attempt

today's another big storm day.  supposed to get hammered by the snow gods with 12-24 inches!  the man is home from work and doing his snow-blowing duties today.   i've made some banana bread and will be making some spaghetti squash casserole.  i may paint, i may sketch, i may plan, or i may just watch movies all day.  who knows what a snow-day holds!

until later,

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