Wednesday, March 8, 2017


i've joined a new challenge, created by connie solera, called 21emBODY.  it's a free 21 day painting challenge in gratitude of the body.  she shows you how she goes about her own entry with a speed video each day and a sweet post about her connections with body.  connie is one of my favorite artists these days.  one of many artists i enjoy, but she is a goodie!  there is still time to join in on the fun!!  do it, do it!

anyway, day one was lungs;

day two was the heart;

and today was the back;

i'm enjoying the play time.  where my thought process is not about perfection but about color and form and just getting out there and being loose and free and creating a quick something each day while thanking my body for the work it does.

until later,

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