Wednesday, February 22, 2017

painted pony

yesterday i started a painting of a colorful pony, inspired by the art and this weeks "let's face it" class taught by jennifer bonneteau.  her style is one i admire and speaks to me as close to my own.

this pony has many layers of color and refinement of areas.  i started with a sketch i had in my sketchbook, and went with the flow.  this sketch had no real value contrast to it, so i had to wing it until i came close to the ending layers, when i went to find some photos on the internet just to see basic anatomy where the horse would have shadows and light.

heres work from yesterday;

he came upstairs with me and i sat with him, stewing over the parts of him i wasn't pleased with.  the pushes and pulls of this type of artwork is what makes it fun, but also frustrating at times.

today i fixed those problem areas, and he sits with me again, waiting to see if he is complete or if i will decide to push him further.

fixed his mane, added glazing for more shadowed areas

adding, taking away...
fixed his eye, fixed a neck area i wasn't happy with
more color shaping for his nose

i'm enjoying working with this lil guy, and am happy he came into my life!

until later,

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