Wednesday, February 8, 2017

plugging away

i've pretty much fallen off of facebook, which isn't a bad thing for my mental health these days, but i'm still plugging away at this thing called life.  some days i have better luck than others with the getting off of the couch routine, but lately i've done some colorful work.

the state of my studio these days;

a complete wreck
but being used!

and what i've been working on the last few days;

a personal project is this mini journal, 
(follow effy wilds minimoleydaily on youtube) 
each quick page with a quote to inspire me.
page in progress

class with wendy brightbill

and current weeks class is a 'dream board' with tam laporte.  a couple progress shots;

my first ever image transfer went well.
painting and adjusting my features

after layers of 'stuff', including some text
from my daddys' poetry book.
sacred stuff, indeed.

i have big ideas for this dream board, have imagery and phrases i want to include further down the line.  this is where the magic happens, and we can't rush the magic.

in other news, little lucy chihuahua pup is doing a good job with making sure i know i'm loved.  i can tell she is adjusting to being an only pup after pitas death 4 weeks ago.  she was always a lap dog, staying warm top priority of hers, but now she is starting to come see where i am if i have wandered from her side.  pita was always the shadow, and he did a fabulous job of it, but i'm pretty sure she will be taking up that role very soon.  we bought her a new bed to go by the heater down in the studio, and while she doesn't love being down there, she is content to lay in it as long as she is with me.  i'm so happy she is in my life, for i would be lost right now if it wasn't for her warm body, her soft little head, and her silly antics.

until later,


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