Thursday, February 16, 2017

progress, setback, progress

life is a dance, and i'm doing the cha-cha.

i did a few more layers on my dream board before succumbing to a cold virus that hubby shared with me.  he works in the computer field, and goes to schools.  lots of schools.  he then brings back "gifts".  lots of gifts.

we also had a big storm and fared pretty well with about 17 inches of snow dumped in our yard.  no power outage;  we just hunkered down and shoveled out.

i started working on my dream board life book lesson again this morning, feeling more like myself and less like death.  here is where i left you.

an image transfer of my face, 
some collage including some text from my daddy poetry book, 
and pretty, drippy colors

there were more layers since that photo was taken, and then todays progress got us to this point;

some close-ups of this work in progress;

i wanted the 10 of cups to represent abundance coming my way
a bubble of protection blankets me
the intention is to negate any anxiety that appears 

will be fixing problem areas in my next layers, 
but happy so far

cuckoo bird on my shoulder (lots of symbolism i need)
desert mountains
and a tent representing travel

my tribe behind me all the way
seeds i have planted reaching fruition
and a promise

keeping hydrated and warm in my funky owl hat

until later,

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