Wednesday, July 13, 2016

more drips and a serene mini

last night i had a vision of where my drippy painting might go and have to block off some parts for another layer of drips in a different color scheme.  but first i needed to add to the drippiness...

thats better!  and it looks even better in person.  the blending of the colors is just yummy.

to make my vision a reality i need to let this mess dry completely in order to tape some circular objects to the canvas in a weird way, around to the back, making sure the tape doesn't touch the paint.  and pray it doesn't all stick together. then i will be able to create drips around the circles, creating a window area.  again being careful of the paint drying time so i can remove the objects at the right time so it doesn't all stick together, but also creates a nice line.  hopefully it will look as awesome as it does in my noodle-brain!  i have ideas for this canvas.  lots of layers, lots of layers.

and this little sweetie came to me the other day

a mini canvas

wish i could be where she is.  on a deserted beach, away from anyone, cloaked away from the masses with just my thoughts and the sound of the sea.  i imagined i was there when i painted her.  

until later,

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