Monday, July 18, 2016

art as a business for the introverted

i don't know how to build my art business as an introvert with general anxiety issues.  i know how others could build a business with all their contacts and putting themselves out there doing art shows, but i don't know a lot of people and the ones i do know that love my art have already been buying my art and sharing my links.  they've done their part!  and now i must think of other ways to walk the line of fear while keeping myself safe and as sane as i can be in this position.

the muse is still willing to talk to me, so i've been working that aspect of it.  sketching and plotting the newest paintings and ideas of other topics.  thats the easier of the work ahead of me if i want to build the business.

i've brainstormed who my clients might be.  those who may enjoy my artwork;

  • my clients are spiritual
  • they need lightness in their life
  • they do body work- yoga, chakras, stones, crystals...
  • they are working to better themselves or others
  • they need positive affirmations
  • they are close to the earth

how can i connect with these people?  how can i find them and help them find me?

  • bring business cards to library see if i can leave some
  • leave business cards at the 'new age' shop in town and see if they will hang a painting there
  • when my Facebook groups have a 'promote yourself' day, share my Facebook page in which i post my new items to sell and newest blog posts
  • try to be more social, find a group outside of the internet

some of these things will be more difficult for me and require a lot of deep breathing and good self-talk.

i'm connecting to the muse with the drippy canvas and i had been thinking of adding one of my girls to it, but the more i think of it the thought is not appealing to me.  a face just won't fit on this one.  it just has too much water energy and it doesn't even want a mermaid, it wants frogs and insects!  if there is to be a girl, it will have to be a pixie or fairy of some sort, which is a neat thought.   i'm pretty excited about this energy and what it wants to say, so i've been finding a lot of reference photos to go by before starting to paint the more difficult critters.  i hope i can let go of perfection and let it be organic.

here is progress so far

next step is pussywillows and then frogs and more lily pads.  i love that the yellow feels like the sun is setting off the canvas somewhere, casting a glow to the water!

i also put another layer on a lion canvas i'd been working on.  fun stuff!

until later,

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