Friday, July 8, 2016

new things in the shop!

mark and i worked on getting just a few of my paintings in the store last night.  there are more to come.

first off is my "dreaming of a starry night".  my interpretation of my favorite painting, van Goghs "The Starry Night".

as a tote it almost shows my whole painting 

it looks nice as cards

we chose to crop 
the moon and wind 
to put on the mug

next we have "a dream of peace"

the full painting looks great framed or unframed

had to crop poor duckie to fit the tote dimensions

she makes a peaceful phone cover

and a fun carry all pouch

the colors and textures really pop!

a couple others were added last night that i'm not including here, and we will be slowly working on putting more in the shop.  another busy weekend is ahead of us, so not sure the timing yet.  i'll keep you posted!

until later,

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