Friday, July 1, 2016

a busy week

since i've been so busy in the studio i have many paintings to upload.  we may be able to put some up on saturday, but the grandtwins will be with us.  who knows, they may be interested in seeing what mema and grumpy do to get my art in the shop.

i've fallen in love with one of my paintings.  the main focus is a gal who is focused on the world she wishes to live in.  i've cropped her and put her as my Facebook icon because i adore her expression;

she was painted on a background that i loved so much that i uploaded separately into the shop.  this week i looked at the background and saw some amazing shapes and i knew that this canvas was about peace!

the duck and elephant came naturally from the painting itself.  i was thrilled.  and then i sat with it and wasn't so thrilled anymore.  it needed something else.  or many more somethings else.

"a dream of peace"
still in progress

i also have a literal handful of mini canvasses to put up;

i painted these at the same time but separately, 
but they look like a single painting!
"roots" 1 and 2

and another nice lotus

these will all be in the shop soon!

until later,

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