Tuesday, March 1, 2016

art challenge

in order to get me out of this funk i've decided to give myself a 30 day art challenge!  short and sweet, but hopefully i can commit to a challenge each month to keep me going and keep my interest up.  i've written a list of ideas for these challenges;

so, the month of march i have decided will be art on playing cards.

today i spent a good hour in the studio, pasting and painting and getting frustrated when the texture was too much for me to paint what i wanted well enough.  i pushed thru, knowing that this is experimenting and not going to be displayed anywhere (but my blog, and honestly it's not getting much traffic so no worries!)

i'm not sure if my thought of putting a layer of clear gesso to get the card ready for paint was the best way, but i gessoed three of them yesterday so i didn't have any excuse to not work on one today.  i think i will sand a few of them to see if that works better.

here is my art card #1 for march;

"she flung her stories in the air like the bricks she built her wall"

there is a lot of texture from the gesso and from collage pieces under the paint.  i like the idea of the words a lot. if i'd had more room i could have written it better, but it gets the point across.  i like the hair color which was a mixture of several colors.  her face went thru many layers of color, starting with a blue.  i tired my hand at a small hand with a not so small brush, so it's not too detailed.  and i made sure i was painting the correct hand for the arm this time, but i need practice to get hands to look right.

for my first small card in a while, i'm happy-ish.

until later,

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