Wednesday, March 30, 2016

art challenge suckiness, but i have things to share

well, that sucked.  my so called art challenge.  i did about 9 projects this month, and then fell out of the nonexistent habit.  i did MUCH better with my 30 day yoga challenge and 100 day sun salutation challenge which is still going strong.  (days 59/100 for the sun salutation challenge, and 27/30 for my yoga challenge, following this yoga instructor).

here are the rest of the cards i did manage for my art challenge


pure hatred towards this, so i left it.

this one was a style learned by ivy newport

i've also been working on some of my LifeBook projects, but not as many as i had hoped.

these are in progress, from a class 
taught by rae missigman

i've also found a wonderful artist who does real time, and live, videos on how to paint fun canvasses.  she is a hoot!  her name is cinnamon cooney, the art sherpa.  check her out!  i fell in love with one of her paintings that included a pony and sketched one out;

today i have been working on a canvas that is inspired by the teaching of shiloh sophia.  she had a free easter class you might still be able to take advantage of (free until may 2016), and she was this weeks' LifeBook teacher as well.  i incorporated a few of her other stylings as well.  it's not finished yet, but here are some progress photos.  i'm trying to stay loose and not worry about realism or proportions, just getting my ideas and my feelings down on canvas, letting the paint flow.  there are so many layers to this piece!

you can't see it, 
but her eyebrows are dragonfly wings

so this is where it sits as of now.  taking a break from her, and i will see what she asks me for tomorrow.  i'm loving her so far, but i know details are lacking, and i'm not thrilled with her hair yet.

until later, 


  1. She needs a name. I am loving that piece! Can't wait to see her finished. :)

    1. thanks, amber! she's tentatively called 'faith' right now. not sure if she will ask for a different name, but for now, faith.