Thursday, March 3, 2016

art challenge- day 3

yesterday i did not post my failures.  i tried to make art on the other 2 cards i had gessoed, and found that the paint as well as the gesso was just coming off.  so the card makers did a great job with gunk-proofing their cards.  kudos to them.

one with collage and one without, then one without any gesso. 
all failures.

i had thought of sanding the cards so they aren't so slick, but decided that, as a woman with fibromyalgia and without much patience i should not expend my energy and time sanding 30 playing cards.  stupid idea!  and then i remembered that i am a packrat like many artists (and non-artists), and have saved greeting cards from everyone who ever sent me a card... since, practically, ever.   i decided to cut the front of the card from the back and use the inside of the cards to art on.  the outside of cards are slick but not the inside of a lot of them.  of course i am saving the really important cards for personal reasons, like ones with my daddys' handwriting on them, or ones from special friends.  but the others are fair game.  pretty sure i can find 30 cards that don't mean too much to my heart.  i will make up the two 'art on greeting card challenge' entries during the month.

i spent a good hour playing with my first card.  using acrylics, water soluble oil crayons, and india inks, i layered a nice amount of color and texture.  then i turned the card until i found the subject of my art.  i was surprised by what came out.  not my normal style, but i'm SO pleased with the finished product!

he is painted with shiny silver paint and i love him!  i added black to the silver for shadow areas and white to it for highlights that still have shine.  i love the background colors and i love the shine and i love the bird on his head and i love that he has a personality.

i think my first official day 1 has been a success!

until later,

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