Monday, January 14, 2019

raven in progress

I'm still adding layers to the moon and starting to work with the raven now with loose brush strokes for the feather work.  I'm not getting bogged down with details and such, as I want this to be loose and colorful.

I've carved down the beak a bit and filled in more of the moon with more white, and I've done a couple of feather layers so far.

I love how it's different when the sun hits it;

the colors are gorgeous!

and when it's in shade;


now to get the eye in, and see what else she asks me to bring to the painting.

until later,


  1. I love it! I know what I would do for the eye, but then again I have not painted free hand since I was a kid.

    1. thanks so much, sandy. thats tomorrows work, if I can stop piddling with it for a few minutes.