Sunday, May 21, 2017

new paintings in the shop!

hi there!  as i promised (myself) we were able to get the barn painting and bouquet painting up this weekend.  i'm happy with how they both look!

New Hope Memories;

and more items!

A Bouquet of Joy;

and more!

i've been going back to older paintings to make them ready for the art show in february.  i'm currently working on a huge 40"x40" canvas that just wasn't as beautiful as it could be.

from way back at the beginning of my blog!

i used some of my favorite bold colors to liven up the lotus and leaves, spraying to create the dripping effect i love and lay it down to dry.

 adding more definition and shading 
to the lotus petals

 working on the dragonfly coloring 
and letting his wing drip

love how this detail pops!

you will be seeing this painting again.

until later,

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