Tuesday, May 16, 2017

a bouquet of joy and an artist show!

mothers day is sometimes lonely and depressing for me, like others, so i decided to go to the studio and just play, not worrying about an outcome until later.  to be in the moment with the color.  let it flow.

i started with a canvas that had been a collection of left over paints from other paintings.  i'd just slap the paint on this guy when i was done with a painting.  i didn't take a 'before' shot of this canvas, but i saw a bouquet in a vase so went with it.

i painted around what i saw

i wanted to play with the abstract, let it be loose.

i loved how it looked here, and i should have stopped.

but then THAT VOICE said "it just looks like circles.  kind of like targets.  it's not enough.  fiddle some more"

so i fiddled some more.  and i did create targets, so that wasn't good.  and i also created mud, and that wasn't good.  but i persevered, and i think the design may be complete...

sitting with it, to see with new eyes

changed some colors, and added some little areas of interest

painting this really helped pick me up out of my doldrums.  art heals!

those who follow me on my personal or my art facebook page have heard the news...  i'm going to be doing a showing of my art at our town library in february!  this is a huge deal for me, as my social anxiety made it a struggle just to talk to the person to get an application and information about a showing.  hell, it was anxiety producing just thinking about any of this.  i have created a major list to be ready for february, and i've gotten a head start with the easier things, like writing information for each painting and a bio for myself.  the paperwork is easy.  now i must varnish and wire a slew of paintings while still creating new original work to show and 'fixing' older paintings so they are ready for company.  this also means my klimt inspired painting is on the back burner, but thats no problem.  so, yay me!  i did a hard thing! and it's going to get harder!  

yay me... ? 

it's a good thing.  thats my mantra these days.  this will be a big opportunity for me to be brave, and good will come out of it for that braveness.

until later,

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