Monday, May 14, 2018

another painting on paper

last year on mothers day I was down and created flowers.  this year I was too weepy to move off the couch.  today I pulled myself up enough to go to the studio to work on my feelings.  I had a reference photo I wanted to work with, but the feeling wasn't right, so I chose a moodier pose and started.

 two hours in and letting her dry

"she came from the fire"
still in progress

she wears her heart on her sleeve; has walked thru hell, been tampered with, and still cares deeply for others.  but now she tries to protect her tender soul.  the cracks in her heart are mended with gold and make her who she is.  and she is more beautiful because she has loved and been hurt deeply.

working with her has made my heart a little lighter.  she is dark and moody, and thats what needed to be let out of my soul, even for a little while.

until later,

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