Thursday, May 3, 2018

class work

I did a class in Around the World Through Art today.  this is week 2 and we are in Spain with the artist Emma petitt!

I was immediately attracted to Emmas work, as it reminds me of my own style.  check out her incredible work!  she creates layers in acrylic with bold colors and textures with pencils and other tools, and mostly paints females.  her class had us painting a flamenco dancers face in wonderful shades.

I chose to look at other royalty free images of dancers and found this beautiful photo that I chose to crop so her face was largely the only thing in frame.  I wanted part of her hand in there as well.

photo by mojpe on pixabay

I didn't get any photos early on in my process, but dove right in with the juicy painting!

in process

 The Dance

I'm happy she came out the way she did.  in this class we used a bigger brush than I'm used to, to create a looser feel.  I let go of my expectations, so am thrilled to get this result.  I was hesitant at first, but I told myself "you've done this before, you don't need to go back over the video step by step, dive in!".  I was second guessing myself, not giving it a chance to come naturally.  as soon as I gave myself permission to be an artist in my own way, it came to me.

I love how soft her face is.  I'm glad I put yellow in the red background to soften that up a bit, too.  and I'm glad I didn't give up on her hand and added a pinky.

I need to buy better paper!  this was regular watercolor paper and it warped with the juiciness and layers, and a layer of paper came off when I took off the painters tape.  it's ok, I want to keep this one, but if I had wanted to sell it I would have been upset!  live and learn.

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