Monday, May 30, 2016

newest paintings, and more in the shop!

it's been a busy few days for the man and myself, getting new photos up in the shop for lots of cool merchandise!  we have seven new paintings up, with loads of ways to get my art in your hands, from inexpensive note cards to the more pricy items.  i want to make sure you can afford my art!

three of my paintings made a double appearance with the full painting and then a cropped version.  the views are also a little different for mugs and phone cases, and of course shirts, which i think are pretty cool!

we have "trust";

as a laptop skin

as a shirt

and a mug, among other things

and cracking open, two versions as totes and other items;

this one has many items

this one is only for prints and tote bags

buddha also has many options to choose from;

and a different look, cropped from the painting;

these are all available at my store, HeavenSpirit Creations

i've also started two new paintings over the last few days.

"starchild" in progress

and a project near to my heart, of my 15 year old pup, pita;

here he watches over my work

in progress
need to work on his eyes

with his photo as reference

i'm pretty happy with how these are turning out, so you may see them in the shop soon.

until later,

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