Sunday, May 29, 2016

art challenge day 6

i am seeing improvement in my quick sketches and i'm happy about that.  i'm finding it both difficult and liberating to be doing these timed sketches.  i'm not afforded time to erase any lines, just letting the finished product be as it is and not giving (too much) judgement.  they are totally being an abstract study of the human body at this point, and that's what i must see them as.  each day i start out my one minute sketch as a newbie for the day.  i know it will be good for my art, i can see my progression already, but it's very difficult to let go of perfection.

todays work, day 6;

i will have an update soon about new merchandise in my society6 shop.  we scanned some new canvasses today and sweet hubby has been working to get them re-sized for the various items and uploaded to the store.  we are now waiting for the photos to reliably show up on site.  for now, i'm giggling at the photos of my artwork on tote bags, clocks, notecards, and a shower curtain!

until later,

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