Monday, February 22, 2016

kitty is in the house

introducing, pixel gabrenas!

this is one awesome kitty.  he adores people and loves on them with kitty kisses, lots of purrs and plenty of drool, which i find endearing.  i'm strange.  

nobody can agree on how old pixel might be.  we do mostly agree that he is under a year.  how far under is the question.  the vet thought he might be around 6 months old, but he is big and tall, so the animal control officer puts it between 8 and 10 months.  this won't matter in a year or so, but right now it's only a little confusing.  we decided on the paperwork to put down 10 months, and then counted wrong, so on our official documentation he's a year and 2 months.  whoops.  he was neutered and microchipped before we brought him home.  i highly recommend saving a kitty from the shelter rather than getting a 'free' kitty from someone who thought kittens are cute.  this guy is still young, but i already know his personality!

however old he is, he is adored!  today is day three of his habitation with us, and he has mostly been locked in our upstairs bathroom which connects to the laundry room.  much bigger than the cage he had been in for 10 days, but he's pretty sick of being cooped up.  we have been giving him time to get used to our older dog, pita, who loves everyone, and that has gone very well, with pixel even attempting a few kitty kisses with pita!

yesterday we had pixel come downstairs for a longer time with our younger, cat-chasing dog, lucy. lucy was on leash and i holding chicken slices to give her tiny taste when she ignored the kitty.  it went well enough that today i let pixel out for about an hour while i was alone with the animals and with no chicken in hand.  lucy was still on leash, and i gave her lots of attention when pixel did kitty things and lucy ignored it.  there were only a couple of outbursts from lucy, of which pixel ignored.

i have to figure out how to feed pita when pixel is roaming the house.  pita is a hard one to feed, so we keep food out for him all the time and celebrate when he goes to eat of his on volition.  pixel seems ravenous all the time, and when he is downstairs finds ALL the food, wherever it may be.  this may take some thinking.

trying to find the food on the shelf.

lucy trying to sit still while watching kitty

we also have a bird that pixel seems interested in, but he has been respectful so far.  the first few nights that i decide to let him roam i will sleep on the couch to make sure he stays respectful of the bird and not let his stomach rule his brain.  not that he could catch the bird, but he could give it a lethal scare!

we are going slow and steady with these introductions, and i'm very pleased with how well it's going!  it all comes down to how great a cat pixel is, how polite pita pup is, and how willing lucy pup is to keeping mommy happy with her.  

in the meantime, we will watch as pixel finds his favorite kitty spots.

until later,

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