Friday, October 9, 2015

peacock feather canvas CPR

i've been in a funk lately with the change of seasons.  it always gets me around mid september.  and so i sat with this painting, waiting to love it, or for motivation or some kind of idea to hit me on what to do with it now.  i almost gave up on it, honestly.

i sat with this painting for almost a month!  and i started hating it.  with a passion.

today i decided to work with it a little and if i still hated it after this attempt at resuscitation, i would paint over it.

i chose some colors i love to tone down the background a little bit but still have some peaking out.  i didn't go with all the colors, just two, a teal and a bright green.

the two colors look good together, and eases the eye a little, instead of all the contrast competing for attention.  i kept going, and then decided a few spots wanted to stand out.

i'm loving this canvas now!  you still know the layers are there, can still see the drips and all the different colors, but it's not in your face.  except for those three spots i didn't cover with paint, which i LOVE.  i will need to re-paint the actual feather, to make it stand out again, cause i am not the most careful of painters...

but, i'm happier today.

until later,

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