Tuesday, October 13, 2015

new in my art journal(s)

i have three main journals i am working in right now.

here is whats new in my little vintage book i showed you a little bit ago;

then i have a spiral bound mixed media paper journal that i have been working in;

 this one dedicated to my daddy
made with some papers with his handwriting 
in her dress and stockings. 
it reflects missing winter as well, 
with the five flowers still in the ground, and one in hand. 

Full moon goddess creates her own magic

 made on my birthday

 know that when life is looking a little ugly, it's not the end of the story. 
life is a beautiful mess that you look back on with more clarity

a little traveling in the journal

my favorite to date!  autumn child

and my third journal is for an art witch group i'm in.  i'm using a vintage scrapbook for this one, and it's very special to me;
the first prompt had us include a poem.

thats it for now.

until later,

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