Monday, July 6, 2015

transformations of a painting complete

there once was an unloved canvas, looking for a home.  i knew it had been loved once, but it was lonely now.  i felt it's energy, and enjoyed its colors and texture.  it was now in my heart.

i sat with this painting in my room, waiting for it's time in the spotlight, knowing it would soon be chosen for a makeover.  and, soon, it was time!

it went thru many layers and stages 

 drips are fun!

then it decided what it wanted to be!

i sketched and painted, and painted and sketched.

it was coming to life!

and, then...  it got stuck.  it wasn't right.  but i didn't know how to help it.  so i went on to other paintings, quietly avoiding looking at this canvas like it was a child in time out who had no idea what it had done wrong to cause this punishment.

i took it out one day, to look at it, wanting to just paint over the mess.  

but it called to me.  it didn't need much.  the face was wonderful and magical to me, it just needed some extra attention, some patience and kindness.

i started by adding sky and pond.

i needed texture so sprayed with india inks

then patted the color in, keeping some drips.

i then had to sketch again, knowing the reason for my new love of lotus flowers was for this patient canvas

i had to check my inner critic at the door and just trust that the final product would look the way it needed to.

and it does!  it is now a beloved member of my home.  

this canvas is a big 22" x 50" beauty, full of drippage, texture and layers.  

until next time,

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