Sunday, July 19, 2015

newest painting in progress

i found and bought a wild canvas a few weeks ago and forgot to take a photo of it, unfortunately.  but maybe thats for the better, cause it was almost psychedelic in nature and gave me a headache.  it was painted in the 1970's and was multi-colored lines...  you had to be there.  it was freaky.

anyway, its a BIG canvas!  bigger than my last one.

i started playing with it the other day with some papers collaged on it and a light coat of gesso.  i liked some of the color peeking thru, for sure, but after seeing the texture of all the lines i decided a thick coat of gesso had to happen.

then i started sketching.  i decided this one would have a dragonfly and free-form lotus and leaves.  the leaves have a lighter layer of gesso underneath, so they have some of the color and lines going on and i like the effect.

i sprayed india inks on the still wet gesso areas, and sprayed water to get the color moving.

i'm thinking i will change the color of the lotus, but i like the rest of it.

here you can see some of the underpainting coming thru

close up of the dragonfly which will get more love from me soon.

until later,

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