Sunday, March 6, 2022

movement in the studio

hi all.  since i've last written i've been busy on an original as well as class work that is my style and reference combined with the artist/teachers style (so still original work, but inspired by the class).

lets start with the first project i worked on.  i found a reference photo on unsplash that made me swoon and imagine my own likeness in place of the model.  the image is based on van Gogh, whos work is very inspiring to me, and so i'm running with the idea of putting me inside of his Starry Night painting.

"Becoming the Art (ist)"
still in progress
reference photo by Marina Montoya on

at the same time a favorite contemporary artist came up in week 8 of Lets Face It 2022. emma petitt finds fun and unique poses and uses foreshortening to create beautiful figurative, full-figured gals.  i love her style and the way she layers paint, so was excited to play with her again!  find more classes of hers, including free ones, here
here's emmas' style;
 you can buy prints of some of emmas work here, and you can watch fun time-lapse videos of her creating here
and here is emmas week 8 class in Lets Face It 2022;


more classes, including free ones, at kara bullocks site
i used my own reference photo and covered up an old, unfinished painting of mine that didnt speak to me anymore.  i felt that the old painting said what it needed to say at the time, and made sure i photographed it to go into my store, but it was finished healing me.  it was time to focus on fun.

here's the old painting
"Of Darkness and Light"
here's my main inspiration photo with a heart between the models.  i had references for hands and feet as well, with a total of 4 reference photos.

photo by felipe bustillo on

and here's the new painting (with me for size comparison)

"Besties Holiday"
i wish i were there with them.  it's COLD in massachusetts!
(slippers and hoodie went back on real quick after this photo was taken)

this is a better painting for my mental health, but getting my depression out onto the canvas was important.  i love the feeling of this new painting and the heart their bodies make between them!

"Besties Holiday"

and some fun detail shots with all the texture

friends at heart
their toes in the sand
the look of love

this morning sweetie and i put this painting and 2 more up in my shop.  details coming soon, or just visit my society6 shop to see them first!

until later,


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