Tuesday, March 8, 2022

3 new paintings in the store!

hi all!  i mentioned last that i finished one new painting by going over an older painting, and those two are now in the society6 shop.  i also realized that another finished painting was forgotten when we were uploading into the store, so that is now up as well.

this will be a "quick" post, as these posts, while fun, are very tiring for me to make.

first off is my "best friends" painting.  i was inspired by a class to paint this, but also as a memory of a vacation i made with my bestie.  

textured and multilayered, these besties are living their best lives at the beach!  note the heart between them. 

"Besties Holiday";

i was excited to see this as a shower curtain!

imagine the feeling of being at the beach with these gals, right in your own bathroom


you could even bring them to the beach with you as a beach towel



or as a travel mug!

there are 58 products available in many different price points for this particular original painting.  i'm currently thinking of uploading some previous stopping points to this one, as it certainly had some interesting pauses!

now to the painting that "Besties Holiday" replaced on this life-sized canvas...

when in the depths of depression, keep that one spark alive.  don't let the darkness invade your glowing light.  let your light expand.  you are important, you are a warrior, you are worthy.

the very moody "Of Darkness and Light";

here's the art print

and a beautiful reminder on an iphone skin


or as a sticker  to plaster everywhere

(and remember, you are loved)

"Of Darkness and Light" has 49 products of which to choose to put this original painting!



and to finish this post off, and i can't believe i forgot this wasn't uploaded yet...


the very textured "Farm Roots" 

a colorful and abstracted painting of my childhood homestead, showing how beautiful and fun life on a farm was to me.

here's the art print
showing it x-tra large to show texture
 the shiny areas in the grass on the hill by the house, and the bush on the left
notice the words "farm" above the tree line, and "roots" by the swingset 
drips as roots from the house
and hidden-in-plain-sight hearts
lots of fun details missed by a small format

"Farm Roots" has 48 exciting products, some new, available for this original painting.  

as of this moment i have 199 original paintings uploaded into the store for your browsing pleasure! 

until later,


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