Wednesday, December 26, 2018

thinking ahead...

I hope you all had a good holiday season.  we had a houseful on christmas morning, so I was busy in the kitchen making treats for 3 days beforehand because I had been stalling the dreaded tasks.  it was too much for me to do in that short amount of time, so in the future I need to remember to not let the depression win.  it just makes the anxieties worse in the long run when I need to hurry to make all the goodies.

 Lucy pup had to get a kiss

back, l-r: daughter-in-law, son #2, daughter, son-in-law, hubby in back bugging s-i-l, son #3, son #5
front, l-r; granddaughter, me holding Lucy, grandson, momma, aunt
son #4 is in photo above, but taking this photo

my son (#2) and his family from California were in the area doing the family rounds and it's been wonderful reconnecting with them.  it will be hard to see them off again in a few days, but we still have a bit of time to get visits with them.

the kids all gave me packs of canvasses this year!  in total I received a little over 70 canvasses of different sizes and a nice sketchbook to add to my arting adventure!  I think there is a general consensus and push for me to get back to work in the studio and just let the art happen, however it wants to come out.  it's hard for me to work this time of year, as the house is always very chilly and the studio especially, even with the little heater going.  I think some of my materials will be brought upstairs into the house for a while, unfortunately.  it's the only way for me to get back at it without losing some toes to the cold.

that pile beside me?  mostly canvas packs!

one goal I have this year is to complete (or at least work on) most of my classes in lets face it 2019.  it sounds like an easy goal, but for some reason I have a hard time feeling like I can complete one class in a week, so they pile up, I get frustrated, and my 'all or nothing' perfectionism comes forward.  I have many classes from last year that I'd love to explore, but I cant miss the classes coming up this year, so they wait.  (I guess I have a bad case of FOMO as well).  I have a day planner I would like to get again this year that focuses on goals and has you decide on one goal per month.  I think (assuming I'm able to buy it again this year) I will make my big goal of the year my artwork, with LFI as my main goal, with smaller, but still important goals as side quests.  it will be good to make plans again and not just stew in my own juices like I've been doing for the better part of the year.

a couple gifts we gave this year were my totes.  we gave my mother-in-law "Chihuahua Love", and my niece received my "Play Time" elephant.  it was great to see my art being used again, and they look so beautiful enlarged with all the detail, layers, and textures on the large, sturdy canvas bags!  seeing them gave me a thrill I wish to have again.  I'd love to get back to making the mini paintings as well.  those were fun to do, and were a big hit.  tiny little treasures that are affordable even for people like me.

there is a little store nearby that is full of handmade items from artisans in the area.  the little store has many, many artists displaying their work and I've been thinking of adding my name to the roster.    my sister-in-law has some of her wood items in it from her business and she told me about the prospect.  I'd display my minis and some larger but still small paintings, maybe add a few totes, stickers and cards to the mix to show what my online store sells.  people would have to pay a little extra to leave with item in hand instead of waiting for shipment since we would have to pay for these items and the shipping.  we would need to make up the difference to take home a little money.

just some things I have to think about.  is it worth it for me to buy a few designs on totes to leave at the store?  would people pay more for a tote if it was there to purchase instead of waiting for shipping?  would being able to touch one of my totes at the shop bring more customers to my online store, creating more sales there?  I think it may be worth it to have a few there for those reasons.

wishing you a blessed holiday season, 
waiting for the sunlights' return, 
enticing a prosperous new year full of joy and peace for all!

until later, Jenny

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