Tuesday, December 26, 2017

goodbye 2017!

it's been a while with me in the trenches of an over the top, major depression, and i'm slowly making my way out.  i could have a few more battles to go before i am ok, but at least i feel safe again.

for my oldest sons birthday in november, we did our annual decorating of his spot;

i forced out a few mini paintings for people this year to go on their tree;

i love how they each have their own personalities

and for my mother in law i painted her chihuahua pup;

we had a nice christmas with all the kids and our 10 year old grand twins from far away.  they were able to go sledding this year and it was a hit!

the very first gift to be opened (and then put out of the way) was an extra huge surprise from one of our adult kiddos!  that canvas is gonna take a lot of paint!  i've been looking thru the reference photos i've been collecting for such an occasion and i think i have a subject.  this will hopefully help the mood a bit.

after the houseful of people left for other parties early christmas afternoon, mark and i opened up stockings we stuffed for each other, in a new tradition i hope to continue as it was nice to have some sweet alone opening time with my main man.  

my three online art classes have ended for the year, and i'm feeling sad and lost without my weekly lessons from some of my favorite artist/teachers.  so this morning i raided my savings account to buy the class i most wanted this year, from kara bullock.  i will be taking lets face it 2018 which will be a year of lessons, focused on different art movements and masters from those periods.  kara has many other classes at different price levels.  (the other classes i want to take are lifebook 2018 with tam laporte and paint your heart and soul 2018 with olga furman.  the pocketbook will only allow one class right now).

i've downloaded and printed out "my magical 2018 yearbook" a free download by jen morris, hoping to get my head around some goals and start to make habits to help me achieve those goals.  i also just ordered a day planner from commit30.  these planners help plan each day with your future goals in mind, asking for a commitment of just 30 days per habit.  

i think (hope) with all the new art supplies i was gifted, the weekly classes to look forward to and to work with, and my goal planning help, i should be off to creating the life i want to live.

and on that note,

wishes for a safe, colorful, and prosperous 2018 to you and yours.

until later,

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