Thursday, July 6, 2017

just an update

i'm currently in my yearly july depression, and have not been too active in the studio.  i have many ideas brewing in the brain for possible upcoming paintings, and have sketched some out.  probably should do more sketching of ideas before they leave me, but you know how "should"s are perceived.  when in a depression i must do what i am guided to do for self care.  lately i've just been taking to to find copyright free photos of situations that evoke a heart response in me, and thats good enough.

one of my ideas was of me as a child/teen with the barn in the background.  i have no photo like this but can meld several photos together to achieve the look i want.


and today i will finish up a tiny bit on my "seeker" painting and call it done;

i have a plan for july and that is to step into the studio each day, even just to clean.  to walk the dog each day to get her more social and to help me with my own anxieties.  to drink my water and be conscious of my food.  hopefully this will keep me baby-stepping my way thru the depression and get me on even footing.

my superman also had an idea that will help the home while helping me and get me dreaming again.  he needs to get to a hidden and broken window in our cellar in order to replace it before the cold months come again.  since he has to basically tear down the room in order to get to the window he thought he should give me more space for my studio and just demo and rebuild that room for my use as well!  

goodbye non-essential clutter!

first he is building my canvas storage area

this room is right off my studio, with the stairway in between the two rooms, so will be a second room for me, not an addition to my room.  my brain is working on it and i think i have a plan.  my current studio space will be for my painting.  just that.  my paints, easels and work table will stay in this space.  i have a third easel i will be able to use.

thru the little door will be my new space

the second room will be more passive.  i will put my rocking chair and light there, my journals and candles, my daddys old childhood desk, and all my beading supplies can be stored in more built-in shelving.  it also has a closet!

doesn't look like much now, but i have plans for days!
the window is behind that huge workbench!

where my beads and desk will go, 
and the closet area

here is the window that started this project.  
thank you, mr. window!

see the outside photo, above?  i have plans for this space as well that may or may not pan out.  what i envision is that window being a door going out of my sweet sitting area off my studio.  and out this door would be a brick patio.  i can see miss lucy in my sitting room, relaxing near me, then we open the door and into another beautiful area.  we have a little bit of fencing material we could use to give her a safe place to run...  oh do i have ideas!  the whole project will take time, and it will take money, and i'm not sure my door idea will work because there may be a cellar post in the way, but i am excited to have a project that will give me more room for my art!

this project also means i can finally go thru my craft room upstairs and figure out what to do with it all.  i had been waiting to do that because i just don't have the room for it all to be organized.  we will be able to have a guest room, finally!  all this, thanks to my sweet man and his thoughtful nature.

until later,

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