Thursday, August 25, 2016

healing hands to a new home!

my first commission made it's journey to it's new home today!

this was to be a birthday surprise for a young man who does healing work and wishes to do more in this field of work.  i had a sketch i had done earlier and my client agreed that it would be a good basis for the painting for him.

i had an idea for the energies and wanted the background to be fluid like the energy was to be, so i started with my india inks in greens and blues.

the only progress photo 

i blew some inks in the energy colors around the canvas where i wanted the energy to be, then got the hands down in acrylics, and added more inks on top so the energy would be going around the hands.  i also scratched the word 'heal' into the acrylic on the top arm, and i am happy with the result.

i struggled with the skin tones for a bit, but i am so pleased that i was able to get the result i was after.  and lastly i was concerned when i looked at the painting from across the room that it looked like it all blended into one shape, so i outlined the hands with charcoal and that brought it out the way i had hoped it would.

prints are up in the shop

i'm so pleased that the birthday boy is happy with the result, and i wish him success in his journey.  i hope the painting blesses him in his path.

until later,

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