Sunday, April 17, 2016

Faith canvas, finished!

well, i signed her this afternoon.  she may decide she wants a few more finishing touches, but today she only whispered a few little things.

here she is, Faith;

my hubby likes her, "even the LED lights in her cloak".  silly man.

i really like her but wish my glaze didn't make her all shiny.  it creates glare and you can't see all her details as well as i wish.  

i worked on her eyes a bit more, and put some contrasting eyeshadow on her.  i made the dots on her face a different color, fixed an area of her neck that bothered me, and darkened parts of her cloak.

here is her earlier incarnation;

hubby went to the flea market this morning alone and found an amazing art treasure!

he wasn't sure of the products but knew i love the golden brand, so took a photo for me and mentioned it was mostly airbrush medium.  i told him YES.  these were items i wanted to play with in a brand that is the best.  i'm so excited to thin my acrylics to a drippy consistency without making the paint unstable which is what happens with water.  there were several happy surprises in there, and i was giddy with excitement when i opened the box and dived in.  he just saved himself some big money for me to experiment!

i can't walk outside when it's too cold out as i am allergic to the cold and break out into itchy hives, so i joked with mark before flea market season began that if he went without me that he must 'bring back trinkets to appease his goddess".  he has done well this outing!

until later,

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